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Leardership Differences: Insights from United States and Ukraine

This is my interview about leadership in USA and Ukraine for Management Development International (Austria). I devote it to all my friends and colleagues, who love researching the cross-cultural differences. What are the biggest challenges for companies in the United States and Europe? The biggest challenge in the US is to become client oriented […]

I wonder, how many training companies will be bankrupt?

Half of 4000 American colleges will be bankrupt in 10-15 years, Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen says. There will be mergers and acuisitions. Students will get their knowledge online…As they say, training is my bread and butter. I wonder, how many training companies will be bankrupt? And what has to be done to survive […]

Icebreakers and Talking Islands: 5 Networking Rules.

Are you a good networker? Do you stand and wait till other guys approach you? Or you squeeze between small talking islands, searching for an eye contact with somebody? As a newcomer to the US I found here well-organized opportunities for networking, for e.g. Internations group. It’s part of my job to observe people, and […]