About Publica, LLC

My name is Nataliya Sergiyenko. I am a soft skills trainer, coach, speaker and author. I graduated from the Kharkiv State University with a degree in Sociology. My university contributed three Nobel Prize winners to the world.

Our company name is Publica. The root of the word is “public,” which means community.  We reach our goals with other people, connecting with them and supporting them.

Originally I am from Ukraine. Since 2003 I have been working in Europe in the Learning and Development industry. For the last seven years my clients have been interested in leadership and innovation training. To work in emerging markets one needs to be knowledgeable, flexible, creative and quick – and give 150%.

Mу special certifications include:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Ericksson Hypnosis
  • Group Dynamics
  • Social Panorama
  • Group Facilitation in Creativity and Synectics
  • Situational Leadership
  • Disruptive Strategies at Harvard Business School

What we do for our clients

We help our clients become LEADERS.

We help grow their leadership skills through the use of best practices in management and leadership. This includes team building skills, actual or virtual.

We help our clients stay INNOVATIVE.

We teach disruptive and sustainable innovation theory and discovery skills. Our customers hire us to help create new products and services, and to improve existing products, services and processes.

We believe that our clients can always stretch themselves and become outstanding.

How we work

Each high-performance learning journey is custom designed to the unique specifications of your work place.

We take examples from your industry to build relevant case studies to use for learning.

We use the experiential learning approach.

We balance your project with acquiring knowledge, building skills and having FUN. We know that the best learning occurs when training is engaging and highly-energetic.

Finally, your project must be beautiful. We design with simplicity and clarity in mind, and all learning materials reflect these values. When the learning journey finishes, your people will remember it.