Picasso sessions

Your organization got at least 15% of the overall income from new products last year? Well, then you need some refreshment to work even better. Short innovation event – workshop, strategic session, motivational speech – might be ok for you. During your event, you might need:

  • elements of innovations theory as a knowledge basis,
  • Synectics method to generate ideas, and create the action plan,
  • look for the future company competencies,
  • use innovative business-games to get ideas from your clients etc.

Sometimes you need again to awake your own company Picassos, who will reinvent the status quo, like Pablo Picasso reinvented the whole meaning of painting.

Innovation HPLJ

Abbreviation “HPLJ” stands for “High Performance Learning Journey”. If your organization wants to implement substantial changes, enter new markets, gain new target audiences, produce totally new products/services, you might probably need the Innovative Learning Journey. During the journey your people will get knowledge about different kinds of sustainable and disruptive innovations, better understanding of the potential growth opportunities,  5 innovators’ discovery skills and  a set of tools to apply the skills.

Innovation High Performance Learning Journey is like the bridge between the place where are you now, and the place where you would like to be tomorrow.

Leadership and teambulding sessions

Do you have a tradition to get leadership/teambuilding sessions once-twice per year? We may help you to get the best learning and development content in this case.  We do it in an experiential way, combining the latest knowledge in this field with high-energetic engaging group processes. No lectures – just small bit-size information with an idea to verify  within the safe space of a group. The typical results are as fillows: Your people will understand better who they are as leaders. They will know what they should do to get better results for tomorrow. They will know each other and their teams better which will develop trust.

We all need to learn how to better lead and follow. Nature knows better)).

Innovative Business Games

IBG games help make existing products better. IBG can give a better understanding of your clients, the market needs, priorities,  market evolution, and  strategic plan designs. An innovative business game is a short-term event for your team/teams, which helps your organization create breakthrough products through collaborative play. Usually your clients are involved in these types of events. Games we typically use were created by Luke Hohmann initially.

One of the best ways to use these type of games is during conferences and large events. It is fun, refreshing and useful. 

SYNECTICS Problem Solving Team Session

Synectics is a highly innovative specific technique that can help your team work  in creative ways and use collaborative approaches that invite speculation, courage and idea development.  Synectics originally derived from observational analysis of thousands of audio and videotape recordings of live invention sessions.

We can address almost any important task your company has now with a help of Synectics. For a short period of time ( 4 to 8 hours) your team would generate truly novel ideas, develop them and create an action-plan. The technique has been  used worldwide for 50 years by the company   Synecticsworld .